If the Internet teaches us anything, it is that great value comes from leaving core resources in a commons, where they’re free for people to build upon as they see fit. | Lawrence Lessig

There’s a beauty in sharing.

I believe that each of us came here to this Earth to fulfill our own destiny, to learn from each other, to grow and to inspire and empower others to be their best selves. Raising to our greatness is simple, but not easy.

If you want to discover your own uniqueness, get to know yourself better and become the person you are meant to be, the simplest way is to create daily habits and rituals that will take you there day by day. You may use a coach or a mentor, or a mastermind group to hold yourself accountable, but still you must do all the work yourself. And that is important to understand: you – and only you – must do the work, because no one else can do it for you; no one can save you. You are your own hero.

Below you will find FREE RESOURCES for inner work that you can do yourself at your own pace. Each of them I have practiced myself and they helped me – alongside other techniques and support from my mentors and business coaches – to become the woman I am proud to be. Some of them are of my own tools that I created for myself, while others are inspired by great minds from coaching and mentoring arena.

Most of these are an invitation to reflect over a particular subject – the questions or short exercises are here to help you dig deeper within yourself. There is no particular order to them, they cover subjects such as personal leadership, romantic relationships, money mindset and abundance, feminine and masculine energies, social interactions and many more. Just scroll down the page and trust your intuition on where to start.

I would recommend that you write down your thoughts and reflections; I do believe in journaling being a powerful tool in self help. Enjoy this beautiful process of self discovery and celebrate your progress, no matter how small. May your heart be happy and may you have many reasons to smile.

With Love and in abundance,

Ela – Grand Cru Experience

• 4 levels of love by Tony Robbins •

Level 1 – Baby Love

This is a place for demand rather than real love. At this level, when partners get what they want, they are adorable and loving. When they don’t get what they want, however, they may become angry and use aggression in order to get things their way. A person, who loves their partner on a baby love level, focuses only on their own needs. They may withdraw their feelings from their partner in order to punish them or consciously hurt them and manipulate into certain behaviours.

Level 2 – horse-trading love

This is a level where transaction between two people takes place. ‘I do this for you if you do that for me’. There’s no real love here; it is just a trade. When a person loves their partner on this level, they give back what they get. If they receive love, understanding and acceptance, they open up to their partner and love them back. If they, however, receive pain, disappointment and judgment, they withdraw their love from their partner and shut down. On this level a person meets their partners needs only when their own needs are being met.

Level 3 – unconditional love

This is a level of love where conditions are not needed in order to love. When a person loves their partner unconditionally, they love them for who they are, not for a particular behavior. From this place, a person focuses on meeting their partner’s needs without expecting to receive anything in return; they do not measure if they benefit the relationship in exactly the same way as they significant other. This level of love is about giving for no reason, and being open to receiving.

Level 4 – spiritual love

This is the highest level of love. On spiritual level conditions  to love do not exist. From this place a person goes way beyond oneself when loving their significant other and focuses on meeting their needs. Someone who loves at this level has the capacity to love even when being hurt. They do not expect anything in return; they love from the deepest of their heart and they act for the greater good.

• Balancing feminine and masculine within •
Feminine energy is about BEING. It is a receiving energy; it represents the intuitive mind and is directed inwards. A feminine part of a person brings creativity, vulnerability and empathy. When you’re in your feminine, you’re in a state of allowing; you are receptive, loving and nurturing.

Masculine energy is about DOING. It is a giving energy; it represents the logical mind and is directed outwards. A masculine part of a person brings focus, confidence and drive to life. When you’re in your masculine, you take action, you achieve and you are goal-oriented.

The biggest challenge for so many people is keeping these energies in balance. Especially in today’s world which values achievement (masculine energy) above anything else, we observe that both men and women find it difficult to tap into their feminine energies and open up, be vulnerable and loving.

When your energies are imbalanced, you may observe the feelings of powerlessness, co-dependency and manipulation (for feminine energy), and aggression, confrontation and need of control (for masculine energy).

If, however, you accept that you have both energies within, and you align with your core energy, without neglecting the other one, you will find your daily life more peaceful and you will notice that everything starts to flow freely into your life.

I would like to invite you to take an inventory of your daily life – do you allow both energies in or are living most of the day just in one of them? If so, are you aligning with the energy that is in your core? That is important especially for women, as most women are naturally more feminine, yet they live their life in a masculine ‘doing’ mode.

If you are a man, do you let yourself go into a ‘being’ mode? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

• Growth •

As humans, we naturally want to explore the world around us, to expand in every area of our life, to learn and feel like day after day we are moving forward.

To feel alive.

Then why so many of people we know feel stuck in life? They seem to have it all, yet are unhappy and seem empty inside.

Do you feel that way sometimes? Or perhaps you feel that way every day..?

As Tony Robbins says: “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

Every situation you’re experiencing comes to you so that you learn something and grow from it. People who are present in your life are here to teach you something, to inspire or motivate you, to show you new perspectives and new ways.

Are you willing to listen and grow?

I’d like to challenge you and for the next three days I’d like you to be very aware of what’s going on around you and within you.

Every time when you see or meet someone ask yourself “what is this person teaching me right now?”

Every time you feel a certain emotion in your body, ask yourself: “Why am I feeling this way? What do my feelings tell me? What can I learn from this?”

Every time you are hungry, thirsty or tired, ask yourself “what does my body tell me? Do I honor my body enough? How can I honor my body in a better way?”

Give yourself some time to reflect on the biggest issues and challenges from your past. What did you lean from them? How did they affect you? How did you use them yo grow and become better?

•Men have a need to be successful•

Masculine energy is active, dynamic, strong and focused on achieving. True masculine can be seen as ‘doing’ and ‘acting’.

It may be challenging for a feminine to understand, because true feminine is seen as ‘being’- feminine energy is passive, nurturing and powerful in its vulnerability.

To a man being successful may have a different meaning than to a woman, and oftentimes we, women, mistakenly take men’s natural way of ‘doing’ as a danger or disrespect to our natural way of ‘being’.

If we clearly understand the difference between what success means to is and to our partner, we’ll be more accurate in supporting them in meeting their own needs, and they’ll do the same with us.

I’d like to invite you to ask yourself:

What does ‘success’ mean to me?

What does it mean to my partner?

How can I appreciate more my partner’s need to succeed and support them on their journey?

How could I see more value in men’s masculine ‘doing’ instead of judging them and criticizing?

How could I see more value in feminine ‘being’ instead of judging and criticizing them?

Do you know somebody who is always late and can’t meet the deadlines of their projects?

Do you know someone who always have difficulties in creating any kind of relationship?

Do you know someone who is always broke and can’t hold on to money or job?

Also, do you know people who always seem to be lucky in relationships or with money or businesses ? Do you know people who seem to have it all in some areas of their life?

If you think of your own life and look back at it, is there anything that comes back to you in a regular basis?

Do you “always” seem to invest and loose the money?

Do you “always” seem to fall in love with someone who is not faithful to you?

Do you “always” react in a particular way to certain behaviors?

Do you “always” know what to say or “always” say the wrong thing?

So many of us follow certain patterns without even realizing it. So often we ask ourselves “why do I always attract people like that?” or “why does it always happen to me?”

Next time you hear yourself asking that kind of questions, write them down and dig deeper into emotions behind those behaviors or situations and what’s causing them.

This exercise will help you uncover your patterns that you live by, and you will have a possibility to change them as soon as you realize what they are and where they come from.

Being aware of your own patterns gives you power to understand yourself better, which allows you to change the direction of your life by refusing to follow the patterns that are harmful to you.

•In loving memory of my old self•

Every day brings you experiences that force you to grow and expand.

You’re exposed to new challenges and opportunities, you meet new people and you have a chance to start fresh every day.

Where you are now is the effect of your decisions from your past. NOW is just the result.

If you’re focused on the result (the now), you attract more of what you’ve got currently, and it’s rather unlikely that your future will change.

If you want more from life, you must focus on what you want and feel good about it. What do you want to have in the future? What can you do in order to feel good about it right now?

I’d like to invite you to think of decisions you’ve made in your past that lead you to where you are today. Which of them were the most difficult to make? In which cases were you guided? Which bad experiences turned out to be your biggest blessings?

Think of the person you were a year ago or a decade ago and thank her / him for being brave enough to get out of comfort zone and take first steps on that unknown path.

Keep loving memories of the person you used to be.

Show love and compassion to who you are today.

Focus on the woman / men you want to become.

And become that person.

•Connection and Love•

The biggest fear most of us carry deep in our souls is the fear of not being loved. We need LOVE more than we need anything else to live.

At the same time we create so many rules about “what needs to happen in order for me to feel loved” that we make it almost impossible for others to love us.
Then, we create rules for others on how they need to be or do in order for us to love them and we make it almost impossible for them to get our love.
The most important is, however, what needs to happen that we can love ourselves? What rules do we create for us to love ourselves?

What would happen if you’d let those rules go? What would happen if you’d start loving yourself first?

Let’s have a closer look at CONNECTION. We need to feel connected with something, it may be another person, a value or an idea. Connection may take many different forms such as love or sense of belonging and it may be reflected in the way we interact with others, how we honor our bodies or how we align with our spiritual selves.

I’d like to invite you to reflect on how you meet your need of love and connection in your daily life.

  • How do you express love to yourself and others?
  • Do you let others love you?
  • What rules do you have in order to love or feel loved?
  • How do you connect with others?
  • How do you connect with yourself, your soul and heart? Do you meditate? Do you keep your body healthy?
  • How often do you meet your family and friends? How often do you meet new people?
  • Do you play small not to make others feel less, or turn down your inner light not to outshine others?
  • Do you say “yes” to things you don’t want to, because you’re scared of being rejected?
  • Do you please people in order to get their love?
  • Do you create drama in your life so that others give you their attention?

How could you meet your need of Love & Connection in a better way?

•Are you authentic? •

How much do you like yourself?
What’s the difference between you when no one is watching, and that you on social media?
Which one do you prefer to be?
Which one are you really?
Who are you really?

How much do you accept those dark sides of you that are not nice, not attractive, not shiny and may seem scary sometimes?
Do you accept them at all?

How long can you stare in your own eyes in the mirror saying “I love you, I accept you and I’m proud of you” – can you do it at all?

So often we try to be someone we are not, we try to be perfect and compare ourselves to others because we think they are perfect or coz this is how in our opinion perfection looks like.

I believe that you can’t achieve true happiness by being someone you’re not. So I’d like to invite you to dig a bit deeper into your being and explore who you really are, and like and love that true you a little bit more day after day.

The truth is that the more natural you are, the more beautiful you are; the more you accept yourself the more you love yourself, and the more energy you create, you start attracting people, objects, situations and experiences that are vibrating at the same frequencies.

Being yourself is the biggest gift you can give to the world and people around you. You are unique, there is no other person like yourself and that’s the beauty of it. That’s your beauty, your uniqueness is your power.

You don’t have to be someone else to have a fulfilling life, to be successful in your business or attract the right romantic partner. You don’t have to follow the trends, nor be who others want you to be.

You are a flower that attracts all the butterflies. You don’t have to be a certain way.

Just let yourself be.

You’ll attract everything and anything that’s meant for you.

•I went through pain and I still know how to love •

Pain is destructive in so many ways, to every and each one of us.

I believe that we go through life experiencing all the aspects of it- the bright and the dark sides, the joy and the sadness, the peace and fear, the togetherness and the loneliness; the pain and the pleasure.

If your feminine is hurting, give yourself the right to feel that pain.

Don’t pretend it’s not there, don’t repress or suppress it.

Try to stay away from repeating mantras of “I won’t trust ever again” or “Love hurts”.

Instead, ask yourself:
? What does this pain tell you?
? What can you learn from it about yourself?
? How can you use it to become better?
? Is it true? The story behind it? Do you know all the details of that story?
? Do you really feel hurt, or perhaps you feel disappointed, abandoned or not worthy?
? How do you treat yourself when you’re in pain? Are you kind and gentle, or rather you’re hard on yourself instead?
? What positive mantras could you tell yourself daily? I am loved. I am lovable. I am love.

Mastering the meaning that you give to what happens to you, as well as accepting emotions you feel and letting yourself feel them is one of the biggest steps towards self acceptance and self love. Moreover, it opens you up to forgiveness.

Do your best NOT to shut your heart down; open up even more in love.

Start with loving yourself more, day after day. Show compassion and kindness to your own self, this way you’ll create the loving energy around you.

As feminine, if you choose to stay strong in love and trust, most probably you will come out of that emotional pain more powerful with higher level of compassion and kindness. And the love that you feel to yourself and to others will be stronger than ever before.

Be willing to be vulnerable.
Choose love.
Choose trust.
Be love.

•You are important •

We all need to feel special, important and each of us seeks significance in a different way.

Some may get it by getting the approval and appreciation from others by becoming the best in what they do.

Others may become aggressive and angry or play the victim role or create massive problems to have something to talk about.

There are people who get this need met by showing off their wealth and how great their life is, and others by showing off their poverty and difficulties they must face daily.

And there are those who find themselves important by anonymously contributing to charities or simply loving themselves a little bit more day after day.

I’d like to invite you to stop for a couple of minutes and ask yourself few questions:

? Do you feel significant?

? Are you important to yourself?

? Do you feel special to your significant other?

? Do you acknowledge your victories, successes and everyday effort you put into anything you do? Do you celebrate and praise yourself?

? In which area of your life you feel the most significant?

? In which area of your life you feel the most insignificant?

? How do you meet your need of feeling special? Are you happy with it? What else could you try to do to feel more important?

Remember that each of us wants to feel important and unique in a way. Not everyone will see that uniqueness, though.

? What would happen if you’d learn to look for good and beauty in others?

? How could you show your appreciation to every person you meet?

? How could you celebrate your own greatness on a daily basis?

You must believe in yourself first, you must see the uniqueness within so that others can see it too.

And it will be easier for you to see how every single person you meet on your way brings something special into your life.

Appreciate the diamond that you are? and appreciate the diamonds that others carry in their souls ???

•Embrace who you are•

Easy to say, more difficult to follow with action, isn’t that correct?

Self acceptance is one of the most beautiful gifts you can offer yourself and others. It opens you up for the world, it brings compassion and love, it creates understanding.

The more you learn to accept yourself, all the dark and bright parts of you, the more beauty and good you find within yourself, in others and world around you.

Today I’d like to invite you to take a first step in accepting yourself just a little bit more.

If you are not ready to say to yourself “I accept me as I really am”, start repeating “I am ready to believe that I could possibly accept myself” – the intention of self acceptance is already a massive step forward and deserves celebration.

These questions are design to help you discover more value within yourself:

? What makes you unique?
? What you’re good at?
? What are your strengths?
? What are the good things others have told you about you so far?
? What are your victories?
? What are you proud of? What could you be proud of?

Be kind to yourself.
You deserve it.


As much as we need the certainty, we also need uncertainty in order for our life to be extraordinary.

If you know everything, if you know what is going to happen tomorrow, in a week, in a month or year, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy surprises in life and your life would be, well, boring so to speak.

As a human, you need to experience certain amount of surprise and uncertainty in order to feel alive and find joy in your daily existence.

You need the uncertainty in your life in order to be excited, to want more and to have choices.

That’s why you exercise your body in many different ways, experience the whole spectrum of human emotions and have an entire portfolio of activities day after day.

You surround yourself with different people, visit new places, taste new food and experience new cultures.

The need of uncertainty / variety can be met in many different ways.

Do you procrastinate and wait till the moment before deadline to finish your projects?
Do you create situations in your life that provide you with emotions of anger and frustration so that you can be uncertain of the reaction of those around you?
Do you buy yourself too many clothes or are surrounded by too many objects that you don’t really need?
Do you experiment in cuisine and enjoy cooking different foods daily?
Do you learn new languages, read new books, visit new places, meet new people?
Do you surprise your lover in ways that they feel loved, appreciated, accepted and taken care of?

Today I would like to invite you to capture all the positive and negative ways that help you meet your need of variety on a daily basis.

•Show up for yourself •

How do you treat yourself when no one is watching?

Who are you when you are with yourself?

How do you talk to yourself?

How much do you love yourself?

How much do you accept yourself?

How do you honor and respect yourself?

How compassionate are you to yourself when things don’t go as you wish?

You first must learn to love, accept and respect yourself so that you can love, accept and respect someone else.

So.. how are you going to show up for yourself today and everyday from now on? How are you going to honor your body, your heart and spirit?

What can you do to yourself now to make you happy?

•Sound of silence•

Silent films were one of my favs when I was a child. It was interesting to me how profoundly you could express emotions and build curiosity about what’s going on within you without using words.

There’s so much power in silence, wouldn’t you agree?

How comfortable are you when a silent moment arise among you and others, your friends, your beloved ones, or significant other?
Do you try to fill that silence with words just to feel more at ease?
What would happen if you’d simply enjoy that moment and just be present?

When you’re at home, do you surround yourself with constant noises?
What would happen if you’d sit down and close your eyes and just be?

Just for a minute go back in your memories to your first relationship, that pure and beautiful loving time with your significant other (or perhaps it’s the one you’re in right now?) and think of those moments when either of you expressed your feelings without using words. Perhaps it’s the look in their eyes that says “I love you”, perhaps it’s the holding hands that says “you belong with me”, or a loving hug that says “you’re safe with me”.

I would love to invite you to introduce more silence into your life and your relationships. Get creative- how can you express your feelings without using words?

How could you celebrate that artist within and create more artistry in your daily life? You’ll be surprised how much deeper you feel your own self and the world around you.

• Rewrite your story and create a happier and more fulfilled you •

Most of us live the life on auto-pilot, playing a particular role in the story that we’ve been telling ourselves and the world for years or even decades; story about being a woman living in a man’s world, story about growing up in a difficult home or without a parent, story about always being broke and not being able to succeed in business, story about attracting the wrong partner because men / women are this or that.

In these stories we always or we never, we should or we shouldn’t, we can’t or we won’t.

We re-live the drama of that story every day and we wonder why we are not happy.

We can change it by simply deciding to write a new script and take on that new role that we WANT to play.

What story would you like to create?
Who are you really?
Who do you want to be?
What are your biggest desires?
What are your new values and beliefs you wish to live by from now on? Would you like to create more of a love story or an adventure?

You and only you hold the power to create an extraordinary life. Only you can make a decision to transform yourself and express who you really are. You have the opportunity to live the life of your dreams.

It all starts with one decision that only you can make.

So.. what will your new story be?

No matter who you are in the world, there are forces that drive you and these forces are responsible for designing all your actions and emotions.

One of them is the need of certainty.

We all need to be certain that our basic needs are taken care of – food, safe place to stay, community, etc but also certainty that we are loved, that our partner will not leave us, that we have all that we need, that our body is strong and healthy, that we can achieve our goals and dreams.

You can meet this need in many different ways, and those ways can be positive or negative.

I would love to invite you to do this short exercise in order to discover how do you meet your need of certainty. Write down in your journal both the positive and negative ways of meeting the need of certainty.

In example, you may be certain of your partner’s loyalty by trusting them and believing their love and giving them freedom (positive) or you may get certainty by controlling them or testing their loyalty (negative).

What are the ways you get certainty in your daily life?

•I am..•

I am not good enough.
I am too old for that.
I am just a woman.
I am not like them.
I always..
I never..
I can’t..

I can..
I deserve..
I am unique.
I am lovable.
I am in the right place.
I am more than enough.
I am proud of who I am.

Which seem more like you?

I am …
I never..
I always..
This is one of the most powerful exercises you can do in order to discover your limiting beliefs about yourself, to find out what you identify with.

I’d love to invite you to write down in your journal everything that comes to your mind after ‘I am..’, ‘I always..’, ‘I never..’

Is this who you really are? Is this who others expect you to be?

Think now about your childhood – who you always wanted to be? What stopped you from becoming this person? What can you transform in your life to become your own superhero?

Connect with your heart, take few deep breaths and smile.

In your journal write down anything that comes to your mind to finish the sentence:
‘In my core I believe I truly am..’

Give a nickname for a new you and let your heart be happy.

With love, and in abundance,

•Mirror mirror…•

When you look into your own eyes, who do you see?

How do you talk to your reflection in the mirror? Are you gentle and kind or harsh and humilating? Do you talk to yourself at all?

What would happen, if you stare into your eyes for a few minutes? Without turning your head away, without critisizing your lips, your nose and your eyebrows. Are you able to look deep into your soul? How does it make you feel?

What would hapen if you’d try?

I would like to invite you to join me in the ‘mirror exercise challenge’ this weekend. Every morning and every evening for 3-5 minutes look yourself deeply in the eyes and give thanks for all that you do, for all you’ve been through that brought you to where you are now. Be grateful for your strength, for your love, for determination and courage. Praise yourself for all the smallest victories of everyday life.

Say your name and add ‘I am proud of you’.

Smile and whisper ‘you are enough’.

Say ‘I love you’ and let those tears decorate your face.

Self Love is the most important feeling you can feel. The more you love yourself, the more love you have to share with others. It all starts with you. It can start today, right now in this very moment.

So.. where is your mirror?

•With Love. Always•

Have you ever done something you love doing, something that awakens the highest levels of passion and excitement within?

Have you ever put your all into something knowing there’s no public award, only the inner celebration?

How did it make you feel?

Have you ever helped someone without expecting anything in return?

Have you ever give your seat to an elderly person in the bus or in the park, opened the door for somebody whose hands were full, or helped a little child climb up the chair?

How did it make you feel?

Have you ever treated your significant other, your parent or sibling, your coworker as they were the most prescious gift in the world?

What would happen if you would look at them as your biggest blessing in life?

How would it make you feel?


I would like to invite you to practice putting unconditional love into everything you do for the next couple of days. No matter how small or how big it is what you’re doing, put all your love into it and do not expect anything in return.

Just do everything with Love.

Observe how does it make you feel.

And let yourself fall in love with this feeling.

Open mind III’ by @johnson_tsang_artist

Open-mindedness has become pretty fashionable lately, and although it is easy to say ‘I am an open-minded person’, acting accordingly may seem like a challenge for many. We tend to like to be right and too often cannot see beyond our truth.

Because life is not only black and white. There is a huge spectrum of beautiful shades of grey in between, as well as there is even bigger range of colours that you can choose from.

The ‘in between’ also applies to emotions we feel, the way we react and interact, and the way we see the world around us.

Today I would like to invite you to reflect on the subject of open-mindedness and encourage you to focus more on creatively building that beautiful virtue in your daily life. Here are some questions for you to use while journaling:

? Do you think of yourself as an open-minded person?
? How willingly do you consider other perspectives of the emotionally charged situation you’re in?
? Are you able to look at situations without emotions, and consider that perhaps your point of view has been limited by beliefs you took on during your childhood, or simply by not knowing all the facts about this particular situation?
? How compassionate can you be towards others who have a different opinion than yours?
? Can you accept and tolerate their opinion and listen to their arguments without trying to convince them to your truth?
? Can you love them and respect them without judging and critisizing?

If you’d like to go further in that topic, think of one particular difficult situation you have been in lately, or an argument with your beloved one. Try and take their position and think of 5 valid reasons to support their point of view.

This short exercise may help you to better manage your own emotions regarding this particular situation or person and understand them better, as well as improve your reaction if a similar situation arise in the future.

He said: “You are safe with me”…
… and I believed Him.


Feminine energy needs to feel seen, appreciated and understood, but most importantly, needs to feel safe and protected.

When a woman is blessed with ‘you are safe with me’, no matter whether she is standing next to her man, or is thousands kilometres away, her feeling of safety increases. It’s in women’s nature to search for safety and protection, and for thousands of years it was a man who has provided it. Cultural changes and development of the role of a woman in today’s society has transformed the perception of women, but their instincts seem not to follow as fast. Women get stronger and more independent, yet the world still feels like a dangerous place.

If you wish to help your female partner feel safer, start using these words like a mantra. Take her in your arms without any reason and whisper ‘you are safe with me’. Tell her she is safe when she’s coming back from work alone in the evening. When you’re leaving home and she’s going to stay on her own, tell her she is safe there – it doesn’t matter whether she already knows it coz it is her home too; remind her that she is safe. If she starts a new project, new job or meets new people, tell her she is safe. After a long and difficult day or an argument, let her relax in your arms and tell her she’s safe now. These words (and your loving arms!) are a powerful tool that can help her feel protected no matter where she is or what she is doing.

If you are a woman, you could affirm your safety by often repeating ‘I am safe’, so that you create the energy of safety around you and within you. Whatever you focus on, you attract. Whatever you repeat to yourself, becomes your reality. Create a reality of safety for yourself. It seems like a little thing, but creates powerful outcomes.

Women who live in their true feminine essence radiate their Light in a natural way. They affect others by creating the feeling of safety and comfort in their presence. They are effortlessly magnetic and powerful in their being; their charm cannot be missed.

Their Light is noticed not because their ego needs attention, but because they actually have something to share that is of value.

A woman, who lives in her true feminine, will not only strenghten the true feminine in other women, but also create a safe space for men to be in their true masculine. She gives others permission to be in their true core and share their Light.

All her movements are luminous, hypnotic, delicate and full of love. She feels authentic because she is real in her core and everything she does seems to flow, as it is aligned with her true nature. She is confident, grounded and fully present in the moment. She has a compassionate heart and peaceful mind.

Today’s world makes it easy for a feminine woman to put her masculine mask for protection, more control and strength, as vulnerability is mistakenly defined as a weakness.

Not knowing how to be powerful in her feminine, she may move into her masculine in order to feel less fragile. However, disconnecting from her true essence creates a feeling of loss, disorientation and discomfort.

I would like to invite you to take an inventory of your beliefs about feminine, vulnerability, masculine. What does femininity mean to you? Do you believe vulnerability is a strenght or a weakness? Do you link masculinity with power, action and winning? Can you see the power in the feminine?

Now think of women that surround you. How does a feminine woman look like to you? How do you know she is in her feminine? Think of examples of a masculine woman. How do you know she is in her masculine?

As a woman – who do you prefer to be surrounded by masculine women or feminine women? As a man – who do you prefer to be surrounded by masculine women or feminine women? Why? What’s the difference that you feel?

I always…
I never…
Since I remember I had problems with…
As a parent, I should …
As a husband / wife, I can’t…
I am just…

What’s the story you are telling yourself?

Are you too big or too small?
Too old or too young?
Too masculline or too feminine?

Do you come from a poor family, or had a difficult childhood, or was growing up without one parent, or never graduated school, therefore you can’t / it’s impossible / there’s no way you could achieve what you want?

When was the first time you believed it?

What roles do you play daily? Which of them others expect you to play?

Are you a teacher?
A mother?
A woman?
A husband?
A lawyer?
An unemployed?
A saleperson?

Are you a fighter?
A victim?
A hero?
A joker?
A ‘black sheep’?
A ‘good girl’?

How do these roles affect your everyday life? How do they limit you? What are you allowed to do playing the role that you play? What are you not allowed to do? Do you want to continue playing this role?

What would happen if you’d let go of that role and give yourself the permission to get to know the real you? The YOU that lies beneath all those layers that you and the world have put on you?

What has your story been so far?

Was it a love story?
An adventure?
Or maybe a drama?

Do you want to keep creating that particular story?

I would like to invite you to grab your journal and write down the story of your life. Give yourself a nickname, and write your story as you were the character in your book or film.

Who is the main character of your story? What roles do they play? What type of story is it? Romantic comedy? Horror? Psychological thiller? What problems does your character face? Who is the opponent? What’s the battle? What’s the self revelation?

How much do you like or dislike this character? Why?

How would you rewrite this story, so that your character could transform? What new values, beliefs, needs would this character have?

’Dead Love’ | Balazs Solti

Have you ever been in a situation, when you felt like your romantic relationship wasn’t as you wished it to be? It felt like it was going to an end, in effect you started to act as if your relationship was already over and sooner rather than later it was the end.

Perhaps you are experiencing it right now..

What if I’d tell you it doesn’t have to be the end? Would you believe me?

What if you could believe that it actually is the beginning?

Whether you are doing fine in your relationship and your love to your partner is strong but you’re missing passion, or you are already one leg out of it because you do not see any chances for improvement and you are no longer happy, I would like to challenge you to act as if it was the beginning of your relationship.

Give yourself 6 weeks to fully focus on bettering yourself in order to become the best version of a woman /man you could be. Take it one day at a time and act as if you just started dating your lover.

How would you act if it was the beginning of your relationship? How would you treat your lover? How would you talk to them? How would you look at them? How would you love them? How would you take care of yourself? Who would you put first?

Think of first weeks or months of your relationship. Who were you for your partner? What did you love about them the most? What were you able to do for them?

What are the labels or beliefs about your significant other that you stuck to them? Are they true? What would happen if you peeled these labels off and get to know your partner again? What could you do to bring the passion back? What you have been doing differently at the beginning of your relationship that you no longer do? Could you be that playful person once more? What choices would you make if you wanted this relationship to thrive?

I would like to invite you to grab your journal and write down things you are willing to do in order to create more passion and playfulness in your romantic life. Feel free to share in the comments below.

When was the last time you’ve written a LOVE LETTER to your lover?

Think of the most passionate and loving moments of your life.. what do you love about them? Would you like to create more of them? What has prevented you from enjoying daily passion and playfulness in your relationship? What can you do today to recreate these sensual and romantic experiences? Who do you need to be or which parts of your feminine / maculine self need to be awaken in order to create those moments?

If you are in a relationship, what could you say to your lover? What could you be grateful for? Let the beautiful memories from your relationship fill you up with joy and playfulness. Which of them would you like to experience once more? What greatness do you see in your significant other? What transformations have they been through that you could acknowledge and honor in them? What are their needs and how do you meet them?

If you are not in a relationship, imagine a man or a woman you would like to attract into your life. What do you want from a romantic relationship? What would you tell your significant other when they enter your life? How do they feel when they are around you? How do they make you feel? How do you spend time with them? How would you like to grow together? What would you like to create?

I invite you to gift yourself (and your lover) a blessing of creating a magic moment by writing them a Love Letter with what it is that you love about them the most and why you are happy with them. If you are single, I encourage you to write a letter to your future lover and focus on working on yourself, so that you become the best version of you in order to attract the right partner into your life. Your twin flame exists somewhere there, maybe a street away, maybe a continent away, but they are already here in this Universe, longing to meet you.

Open your heart up for more magic and be your true self. Let your lover fall in love with you again and again, and let yourself be a creator of your loving romantic relationship.

Happiness is a choice.

There exist formula for happiness and with some inner work you can create more of it in your life.

If the way you experience your life is aligned with your beliefs, your identity, your plans, standards and expectations, then you feel happy and fulfilled with your life. If, however, the way you experience your life is different than what you want and it is not aligned with who you really are, it seems impossible to find peace and fulfillment in your life and you feel unhappy.

I would like to invite you to journal about happiness / unhappiness today.

What HAPPINESS means to you? Can you remember moments in time when you were happy? How do you know that you were happy? Why were you happy? How can you recreate these situations so that you experience more happiness daily? What really makes you happy? What are your beliefs about happiness? Do you hide your happiness in order to be accepted by people around you? Do you believe you can be happy? Why / why not?

Which area of your life you are UNHAPPY with? How do you know you are unhappy? Which expectations were not met when you felt unhappy? Is there anything you could do differently in order to feel happy in that particular situation? What needs to happen so that you feel unhappy? What musn’t happen so that you don’t feel unhappy? Is there anything you get when you are unhappy (i.e attention of others, pleasure from eating sweets or buing new things etc)? Can you meet that need in any other way, without feeling unhappy? What do you focus on when you feel unhappy? Do you see any patterns in creating the feeling of unhappiness? When have you made a conscious decision to be unhappy for the first time?

Do you believe you have THE POWER TO CHOOSE HAPPINESS through the way you react for the situation you are in? Do you believe you can look at it from a different perspective and give another meaning to it? What would happen if you’d believe that you can choose to be happy?

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