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I work with entrepreneurs, individuals (authors, writers, coaches, etc) as well as small businesses. I can be of help with creating a strategy for your brand, web editing, content writing and copy audits as well as consultation concerning visual identity or personal branding. I do accept one-off projects as well as regular assignments.

Web Editorial Help And Guidance

I provide entrepreneurs with editorial assistance in order to bring their online presence to the next level and build strong identification and lasting connection with their audiences. 

I focus on the image you want to create, I keep your target audience in mind, and the key message you wish to pass on. My editorial services include web editing, content writing and website copy audits to ensure that your webpage is intuitive and fits the needs of your potential clients. I will support you in developing your own style of communication and find the voice that speaks to your audience while re-creating and enhancing your online presence. 

Many individuals who have their own one-person business try to do everything on their own. Deep inside they know, that no one can be great in everything. You may or may not be one of them. If you want to successfully grow your business, you must focus on what is the most important for you and brings you money. In the end, you created your business not only to do what you love but, most importantly, to earn your living by doing what you love. Therefore knowing what to outsource in order to consolidate your focus on the most important part of your business is a skill to master for every entrepreneur.

I can help you bring your business to the next level; you don’t have to walk this path alone. 

My editorial services include:

Web Content Editing – I focus on the text and the message you present to your audience in your written content. I analyse the style, your voice, the consistency of communication, and the overall impression your potential and existing clients have while entering your online world. 

Also, I suggest editorial changes for your content in order to improve the readability on-screen, such as encouraging shorter paragraphs and sentences, or minimising the use of punctuation or hyphens in order to reduce visual distraction. I am aware of the differences of how the web content is used compared with print, therefore my comments are focused on the essentials and the most direct and clear way of expressing your message and promoting your products and services.

I work on the files provided by you (preferably in Pages and Word, or alternatively in PDF) and I make editorial comments in these files. After you familiarise yourself with a marked-up document, we will schedule a 45-minute follow-up call to discuss any perplexities.

Content Writing – I write content for webpages and promotional materials, such as brochures, catalogues, product descriptions, marketing materials, etc. Keep I mind I do not provide writing regular blog posts services nor social media services. 

Webpage Copy Audit – this is a deeper inside look at your website. I do not only analyse the written content, but also the design, images, any branding elements that appear on your website, as well as its overall functionality, including composing of metadata, writing alternative labels for images (alt tags), prescribing links style, and more.

I work on the files you provide (preferably in word processing documents, such as Pages or Word, alternatively in PDF) as well as I intently go through all pages and subpages of your website. You will receive a marked-up document with editorial comments, as well as a report including each of your pages and subpages with suggestions regarding the functionality, aesthetics, the overall design and written content. My suggestions are only that – suggestions; you have the choice to either apply or reject them. Unless contracted differently, I do not correct the text nor make the changes on your webpage. 

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Branding And Visual Identity

I help entrepreneurs develop a consistency in their image online and offline, create a strong brand strategy and understand the importance of personal branding.

My services include:

Brand Strategy– through focusing on your unique personality, how you want people to see you and what you want to represent through your brand, I create or re-write your brand strategy. If you work alone, it is important that your business has a defined voice, stands for the values that are consequential to you, is ethically sound and compelling. 

Your authenticity, the consistency of your communication, appearance and impact you leave on others is as significant as the products and services you offer. As a one-person-business you are your brand and your brand is you; you live your brand every day and it follows you everywhere you go. Therefore you must ensure that the narrative around you and your business is accurate, coherent and inviting.

How does it work? After a chat about the vision you have for your brand and the way you wish to communicate with your audience, I will prepare a strategy for you with suggestions to implement. You will have a couple of weeks to familiarise yourself with the document. If you will need some additional clarification, we will schedule a 45-minute follow-up call.

One-To-One Visual Identity Mentoring – live sessions to help you understand and create visual elements that best represent your brand. Visual identity refers to everything your customer can see and how it expresses what you stand for, and is significant for your brand’s success. It covers not only your message, the language you use, the logo and design, but also the consistency of brand’s aesthetics throughout different channels. 

One-To-One Personal Branding Mentoring – live sessions to help you understand and create the best personal branding, so that you stand out from the crowd. Personal branding is all about your as a person. How you present yourself, what impression you live on others and what they talk about you when you are not around. It is an image of you as a person, as a human, and what you bring to the table, how you influence others and what values you represent. Becoming consistent in the way you show up to people may open up new doors and lead to opportunities in both personal and business life.

How does the one-to-one mentoring work? After a free introductory call (if applicable, one complimentary call per client, max 30 minutes) is completed, and we both think we are a good fit, you may choose from two options – 4 live sessions (a 1-month period) or 12 live sessions (a 3-month period). In-house worksheets and check-in emails between live sessions are included in each package.

I believe your business has a capability to grow and be successful. It doesn’t matter what you do or where your business is at right now; it only matters whether you have the courage to keep going and look for the ways to improve your products and services so that they better fit your clients’ needs. With my help, you will realise your brand’s strengths and areas of improvement, build a consistency for your brand’s image as well as refine your key message and the story you tell.

Come and share your story with me and let’s figure out how I can be of help.

Work With Me

I am in a business of creating experiences with a focus on three areas: your Business (web editing, content writing and branding are described in details above), your Self (development of self through transformational coaching), and your Passion (writing and editing services for literary art passionates).

Your Self – I work with those, who already took their steps on a path of personal development and are still unhappy with the life they live on a daily basis. For details, go to Transformational Coaching.

Your Passion – I work with self-publishing writers, indie writers, and those who follow a traditional way of publishing by providing editorial assistance in order to bring their story to the next level. Moreover, I help aspiring writers to develop a consistency in writing, learn self-editing techniques and build confidence through one-to-one mentoring sessions. For details, go to Literary Arts.

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