There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others. | George Shinn

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes the hardest thing we ever must do is ask for help. We want to show everyone that we can do it all, that we have it under control. But the reality is that asking for help is not a sign of weakness – it is the greatest sign of strength. | Kendra Scott

I am in a business of creating experiences with a focus on three areas: your Passion (writing and editing services for literary art passionates), your Business (branding and web editing services), and your Self (development of self through transformational coaching).

I am here to offer a personal guidance in order for you to experience the joy of living with a mindful mission, feeling excitement, fulfilment and abundance each and every day.

Experience And Grow Your Literary Passion | Writing and Editing

I provide writers with editorial assistance in order to bring their story to the next level.

I focus on in-depth professional assessment of your work and I provide suggestions on how to improve your story. My editorial services include Developmental Editing, Line Editing, Beta Reading Pro, Ghostwriting, First Chapter Assessment, and Blurb Writing. Moreover, I provide one-to-one mentoring in the subject of self editing and writing techniques that will support you in developing your own style and find your voice.

I offer guidance in learning the craft of writing and discovering that imagination creates possibilities. Whether it is you are looking to develop your own writing style, searching support in creating a consistency in writing, or suggestions and ideas in experimenting with new forms and styles, I may be of help.

Experience Successful Entrepreneurship | Marketing, Branding and Copy Audits

I provide entrepreneurs with editorial assistance in order to bring their online presence to the next level and build strong identification and lasting connection with their audiences.

I focus on the image you want to create, I keep your target audience in mind, and the key message you wish to pass on. My editorial services include web editing, content writing and website copy audits to ensure that your webpage is intuitive and fits the needs of your potential clients. I will support you in developing your own style of communication, finding the voice that speaks to your audience while re-creating, and enhancing your online presence. 

Experience Mental Well-Being | Transformational Coaching

I provide individuals with transformational coaching guidance. I work with those, who already took their steps on a path of personal development and are still unhappy with the life they live on a daily basis.

As your transformational coach, I am here to guide you in developing your vision through the process of reflection, asking challenging questions and experimentation. You will dig into the resources within you so that you improve mentally and emotionally. I provide the guidance so that you see yourself from a wider perspective and recognise various opportunities for your future.

Who is attracting the healing energy? They [clients] are. So how do you [a healer, a coach, a guide, a teacher] fit in? You are a focuser, maybe a catalyst for it, but you are not the summoner of the energy, you are not the asserter of the energy, you are not the orchestrator of that, you are a facilitator to help someone – what you’re doing is helping them more in the believe part of it, you do not need to help them in the wanting part of it or the asking part of it, their life has caused them to do that; you don’t have to help them with the energy flowing part of it, because Source Energy is doing that, so step one and step two are already taken care of and they are doing the step three. You are at most an emphasizer or a facilitator of their expectation. | ‘Abraham’ Esther Hicks

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