experience life in a Grand Cru way

I am in a business of creating experiences with a focus on three areas: your Passion (writing and editing services for literary art passionates), your Business (branding and web editing services), and your Self (development of self through transformational coaching).

Grand Cru Experience is all about creating experiences in your daily life.

Become a person you are proud to be.

Write a new story. Live with passion.

Find Your Purpose. Know Your Why.

Create a vision, a plan, and follow through.

get inspired

I work with writers by providing editorial assistance in order to bring their story to the next level. I help aspiring writers to develop a consistency in writing, learn self-editing techniques and build confidence through one-to-one mentoring sessions.

I work with entrepreneurs by providing editorial assistance in order to enhance their online presence. I can be of help with creating a strategy for your brand, web editing, content writing and copy audits as well as consultation concerning visual identity or personal branding.

I work with individuals, who already took their steps on a path of personal development and want to improve further emotionally and mentally.


Aspiration - Wisdom - Choices - Will - Attraction - Imagination



Exploration - Purpose - Expansion - Meaning - Balance - Radiance - Intuition



Feeling - Love - Compassion - Harmony - Connection - Flow - Integrity



Energy - Presence - Action - Beauty - Magnetism - Senses - Self Image



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