Your Self | Transformational coaching for your well-being

Well-being cannot exist just in your own head. Well-being is a combination of feeling good as well as actually having meaning, good relationships and accomplishment. | Martin Seligman

Experience Mental Well-Being | Transformational Coaching

Lacking the confidence and self-compassion? If you feel like you are not enough, not knowing your strength or your purpose; if you doubt your skills and feel stuck – transformational coaching may be the answer.

What I like most about transformational coaching is seeing someone’s potential and making them realise they can be whoever they want to be, and do whatever they want to do, because everything is possible. If they can see it, they will experience it. It’s about shining a light on those parts of a client’s life they can’t see for themselves, so that they can address it and create a change.

As your transformational coach, I am here to guide you in developing your vision through the process of reflection, asking challenging questions and experimentation. You will dig into the resources within you, in order for your to improve mentally and emotionally. I provide the guidance, so that you see yourself from a wider perspective, and recognise various opportunities for your future.

We focus on the present and the future (not the past). Through asking questions I help you find the best solutions; it is YOU who makes all the choices and decisions regarding your goals, the direction of your path and action steps, as you are the only one responsible for your life.

In my work with clients I use a holistic approach with various exercises and techniques, including chakra balancing, breathing techniques, meditations, mindfulness, EFT, and more. Everything you receive and discover during the coaching session is done WITH you, not “for you”.

As a coach, I will guide you through the path of self exploration, where you will rediscover your personal power and redefine what success and confidence mean to you. And then, stronger than ever, you will be able to create a life you desire.

Experience Artistic Creativity | One-to-one Mentoring for Writers

Being an active writer myself, I offer guidance in learning the craft of writing and discovering that imagination creates possibilities. Whether it is you are looking to develop your own writing style, searching support in creating a consistency in writing, or suggestions and ideas in experimenting with new forms and styles, I may be of help. 

Oftentimes the artistic energy is blocked inside and it may seem challenging to express it or even comprehend it. I will be happy to provide guidance on learning mindful ways to relax and developing the connection with the energies within you (through i.e. mindfulness, chakra healing, energy field extension, breathing techniques, etc), and gaining the confidence and self trust in order to open up and express those energies in a creative form.

‘Confident writer’ transformational coaching – through coaching sessions I help you draw the line between you and the stories you write, so that you are eager to receive critical comments in order to improve your writing, and not take these comments personally. You will feel more confident not only with writing and editing your own stories, but also with sharing them with others. Yes, it can be done, and yes, with the right tools, it is fairly easy. 

One-To-One Editorial Mentoring – guiding sessions which help you master the self editing process in a long term. Along the way, you also learn to improve your own writing and then revising, rewriting and polishing your work.

One-To-One ‘On Writing’ Mentoring – guiding sessions and workshops for aspiring writers. ‘On writing’ mentoring is all about developing your skills as a writer, building consistency in writing, and creating a story, that every reader will remember.

Experience Slow Luxury | Guidance on Abundance Mindset

Slow luxury is a well being on the highest level – it combines the comfort of the body, the peace of the mind, the tenderness of the heart, and the liberty of the spirit. That is what I mean by slow luxury lifestyle: the natural way of high quality life, in the most sustainable way, celebrating time, valuing slowness of the moment, appreciating abundance, heritage and craftsmanship, living happily and as close to nature as possible and seeing beyond oneself. 

The biggest luxuries in life are the choices you make, having the time and the liberty to do what you want and when you want it, and living a comfortable life that you design for yourself according to your own taste and values. 

Your environment mirrors your mental attitude. By looking around you notice what you created for yourself – you are either living in lack or in abundance of anything and everything you are, have, and do in life. You either choose to be your biggest cheerleader, or your worst critic. When your abundance mindset is in place and you look for ways to feel good most of the time, your paradigms and deepest beliefs change, and it is easier to navigate through life, and make the right choices. As they say – first you make your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you.

I offer guidance to a slow-luxury lifestyle and building an abundance mindset. Through conversations and effortless consistency, using simple techniques and introducing one-at-a-time changes, I inspire you to create a more mindful life. Take your first step on a path to sustainable luxury, discover your unconscious paradigms, and develop an abundance mindset; allow yourself create a life you desire.

Change needs time; and change is different for everyone. Sometimes it is immediate and you feel transformation happening after your first session, and sometimes it is retroactive and only when you look back you notice how much you have changed. For new clients I recommend two-months introductory sessions, as I believe the two months time period is long enough to be able to experience transformation and see first results, which will make it easier to you to decide whether you wish to continue your transformation with me or not.

Work with me

I am in a business of creating experiences with a focus on three areas: your Self (development of self through transformational coaching is described in details above), your Passion (writing and editing services for literary art passionates), and your Business (branding and web editing services).

Your Passion – I work with self-publishing writers, indie writers, and those who follow a traditional way of publishing by providing editorial assistance in order to bring their story to the next level. Moreover, I help aspiring writers to develop a consistency in writing, learn self-editing techniques and build confidence through one-to-one mentoring sessions. For details, go to Literary Arts.

Your Business – I work with entrepreneurs, individuals and small businesses. I provide editorial assistance in order to bring their online presence to the next level and build strong identification and lasting connection with their audiences. I can be of help with creating a strategy for your brand, web editing, content writing and copy audits as well as consultation concerning visual identity or personal branding. For details, go to Entrepreneurship.

… having more of what you want – more love, more joy, more riches, more excitement, more ease.
… effortlessly experiencing peace, abundance and confidence, no matter what is happening around you.
… feeling good most of the time and appreciating every aspect of your Being.
… living a slow luxury life, with a sense of fulfilment and a passion for success.
… being healthy, wealthy and happily in love.
… becoming a deliberate creator of your life and living the life on your terms.
You know there is more in life than what you have right now.
You know there are people who seem to have it all: self love and financial freedom, romantic relationship and successful career, beauty and wisdom.
You know that some people look at themselves in the mirror and they like what they see; they feel comfortable and happy with whom they are.
Deep inside you desire to be that person too.
I know you could become that person.
But do you know that?

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