The idea is there locked inside. All you have to do is remove the excess stone.
| Michelangelo

The Season Of Abundance

Harvesting all the creative ideas, dreamed dreams, imagined worlds and personas created. The reinvented reality, each time anew, as a response to healing one’s wounded life. The fruition of an inner artist yearning for an opportunity to express his deepest desires after being imprisoned for most of his life. A fullness of imagination combined with an intuition and a whole spectrum of creative impulses.

Do you know how powerful the human spirit is?

Can you imagine the creative potential locked in each of us, so often neglected, forgotten, unacknowledged, undesired?

What would happen if that force broke through your body and expressed itself the way it wants to be expressed?

Unto The Whole Person

When we live at peace with ourselves and when we are united with our Soul, it shines through our body magnifying the human experience, which gives us the opportunity to expand even further.

I believe that the Soul connects with our physical reality through creative expression and natural beauty. That’s why we hold our breath when we watch the sunset. That’s why we stare at a beautiful painting or a sculpture or a garden. That is why we are touched by the music and when we close our eyes, it takes us in and we start dancing. That is also the reason we cry and laugh while reading the books involving our favourite fictional characters.

The beauty in any creative form sets us free.

You can transcend your life by opening the door to the richness of imagination. Trust yourself, trust your Soul. There are no limits to artistry and there is no good or bad art; there is The Art and there are people who either like it or not. A subjective opinion has nothing to do with the art and everything to do with the personal taste and the enlightenment of their spirit; it is just this – a subjective opinion.

You do not have to be called an artist in order to self-actualise, to create art. You do not have to finish a fine art school nor be born with a special talent in order to heal through art. It doesn’t really matter what others say and what their definition of an artist is. Each and every one of us has an artist buried within, and it is time to set that artist free.

The Artist within you is your soul, your unconscious mind. When allowed to express its aesthetics, it will show you what is hidden within the deepest parts of your being. Discovering the real you may seem scary at first, but it can be a peaceful and satisfying path to finding the wholeness of you. Your Artist may show you your fears and hopes locked in symbols and colours and shapes, and in the process those various aspects of The Self come out to be acknowledged, to be known, to be integrated.

Mindfulness Frequency Painting

Your gifts lie in the place where your values, passions and strengths meet. Discovering that place is the first step toward sculpting your masterpiece, Your Life. | Michelangelo

Creative expression that has the power to set you free

Creative expression can take any form of beauty and art which allows us to express our own Soul – either through words, photography, paintings and drawings, designing clothes, gardens or buildings; through music, dance, visualisation, the energy we radiate and how it inspires others, and so many more. It’s the energy that comes out and takes a form of something special, which touches other souls – those that are ready to be called.

We are locked in the world of consumerism and fast paced life, where worth is measured in quantitative terms; the more we say we posses, the more achievements we gather, and the more ‘likes’ we get on social media, the better our lives seem to be – or rather that is what we have been conditioned to think. But so often we watch our online profiles and the pictures of our so-called-perfect-life, the diplomas and certifications on the wall, feeling empty, feeling lonely, and being unaware of how wounded we are; and still feeling that pain. The focus on materialism, the need of living a flawless life and the cognitive arrogance, that became socially acceptable, may seem like too much to bear for an individual. An artistic creativity has a potential to heal that suffering.

Creativity is a part of everyday existence. It may be dormant until you decide to act on it, but it is always there. Trust your creative self and that sense of wonder that you feel but may not fully understand. Your reality is a self expression. You first create it and then you perceive it through your own eyes, and what you see in front of you is unique to you, as any other person will see it in a slightly different way. There is the grace of being a human and there is a value in our differences; that is what makes us one-of-a-kind. We are all here to co-create, to contribute to the expansion of the Universe and inspire one another

Removing The Excess Stone

Think of what you loved doing as a child. Were you singing instead of talking? Or perhaps you loved reading books and then creating your own versions of the story of main characters of that book? Were you that kind of a kid who was running with a camera, taking pictures of everyone and everything around you? Or perhaps you were drawing on the margins of your notebooks at school, seeing images and colours rather than words? How about modelling cars and boats or putting puzzles together?

Is there something you always wanted to try but were paralyzed by fear and never left your comfort zone?

What was your thing?

What could become your thing?

Enrich your life, free your spirit and allow your senses perceive the world in your unique way, and then express those emotions and feelings in the aesthetic way that makes you feel whole.

Abundance mentality and creative artistry

Have you noticed that creative people tend to have a well developed abundance mindset? They see the world as a whole, they see more than less, and if they notice that something is missing or lacking depth, they create it and make the world whole again.

By expressing their emotions through creative activities and by experiencing emotions that the art evokes in them, they co-create the beauty of our world. They connect through senses and enrich their own lives through self-actualisation, as well as they add value to lives of those who get in touch with their art.

There is plenty of room for improvement and there is abundance of ideas out there as well as there is abundance of possibilities to express those ideas.

So write those words, make the images visible, play the sounds. And when you finish, do it again.

Work with me

Some of the services I offer may be of help if it comes to expressing your artistic creativity.

Being an active writer myself, I offer guidance in learning the craft of writing and discovering that imagination creates possibilities. Whether it is you are looking to develop your own writing style, searching support in creating a consistency in writing, or suggestions and ideas in experimenting with new forms and styles, I may be of help. Moreover, I provide editing services for writers (structural / developmental editing and proofreading).

Lacking the confidence and self-compassion? If you find yourself feeling not enough, not knowing your strength or your purpose, if you doubt your skills and feel stuck – transformational coaching may be the answer.

Oftentimes the artistic energy is blocked inside and it may seem challenging to express it or even comprehend it. I will guide you in mindful ways to relax and develop the connection with your creative Inner Being. You will gain confidence and self trust, which in effect will help you to express yourself in a creative form.

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Words: Ela
Photography And Images: Private Archives, © Ela – Grand Cru Experience

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