“Pour ce qui est de l’avenir, il ne s’agit pas de le prevoir mais de le rendre possible” | Antoine de Saint Exupery
(“As for the future, it is not a question of foreseeing it, but of making it possible”)

Luxury is not about the things that you own. It is about something that reflects your personal values, something that shows the choices that you have made in your life.
– Marcel Wanders

Luxury takes on a new meaning when combined with the word ‘slow’. In the world of fast-everything and contemporary consumerism, having a time to read a book, eat fresh unprocessed food and being present in the moment seems like a luxury treat.

The biggest luxuries in life are the choices you make, having the time and the liberty to do what you want and when you want it, and living a comfortable life that you design for yourself according to your own taste and values. If you combine it with best possible quality and sustainability of materials you surround yourself with and the ethical approach and moral integrity of every brand and person you interact with, you get to understand the core of the slow luxury.

Slow luxury is well-being on the highest level – it combines the comfort of the body, the peace of the mind, the tenderness of the heart and the liberty of the spirit. That is what I mean by slow luxury lifestyle: the natural way of high quality life, in the most sustainable way, celebrating time, valuing slowness of the moment, appreciating abundance, heritage and craftsmanship, living happily and as close to nature as possible and seeing beyond oneself. It is an exclusive lifestyle that only few can truly understand.

Thoughts that you keep thinking and feelings that you keep feeling

The important element that contributes to slow luxury lifestyle is a sustainable mental attitude and the good feelings it creates.

The thoughts that you keep thinking (your belief system) affect your mood and inspire your actions and overall create the reality you live in. So the better the thoughts, the better you feel; the better you feel the more confident you are and the better you express yourself. And the more confident you are, the better choices you make and the better relationships you build in every area of life.

Sustainability does not only refer to the resources on the Planet, or the products you use or wear, but also to your mental well being and the way you treat yourself and others.

The thoughts and the feelings that you repeat daily impact all your relationships (with yourself, with others, with finances, with health, etc).

  • The way you talk to yourself (and others),
  •  the way you see and appreciate or critisize yourself (and others),
  • the way you define success, abundance, luxury, love and intimacy,
  • the way you always call yourself lucky and wise (or unlucky and stupid),
  • the way you always create time for what matters (or have no time at all for anything),
  • the way you are in the right place at the right time (or quite the opposite),
  • the way you trust your choices (or doubt them),
  • the way you enjoy the present moment (or how meaningful events slip through your fingers).

The beliefs hidden behind these behaviours and attitudes affect your well being, whether you are aware of it or not.

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Luxury is feeling unrushed. It is designing a life that allows you to do what you want with high leverage, with many options, all while feeling unrushed. – Tim Ferriss

Abundance mindset

Your environment mirrors your mental attitude. By looking around you notice what you created for yourself – you are either living in lack or in abundance of anything and everything you are, have and do in life. You either choose to be your biggest cheerleader, or your worst critic. Your find your friends being either supportive or critical. Your business and career choices usually end up as a success or a failure. You either wake up with a smile in order to welcome a new day, or you hit that snooze button over and over again.

Living a financially free life is a choice, as is living a poor life. Being happily in love and appreciating your significant other are choices, so is staying in a relationship with someone you barely tolerate. Experiencing joy and being happy is a choice, so are suffering and constant frustration. You either see an ending and a failure in your business, or a new beginning and another lesson that leads to success. It is a choice.

When you allow your abundance mindset to take over, you start to see opportunities; you find more peace and attract better quality people. Abundance mindset allows you to see the riches everywhere around you. It affects your thoughts, your feelings, your financial affairs, your love affairs and the overall quality of your life; it is a part of a slow luxury lifestyle.

When your abundance mindset is in place and you look for ways to feel good most of the time, your paradigms and deepest beliefs change and it is easier to navigate through life and make the right choices. As they say – first you make your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you.

This way you create a sustainable transformation, on such a deep level that you are less likely to get back to your old habits. You start to look for long-term satisfaction, you nurture the relationships you have and you look for meaningful ways of living your daily life and running your business. You start to value more than ever the integrity and authenticity within yourself and those who surround you. You appreciate yourself, your well being, your entire life and others.

You create a lasting change.

Work With Me

I am in a business of creating experiences and designing a sustainable luxury. One of the services I offer is the guidance to a slow luxury lifestyle using transformational coaching. Through conversations and effortless consistency, using simple techniques and introducing one-at-a-time changes, I inspire you to create a more mindful life.

Even if you have never heard of a sustainable luxury, paradigms that run your life, a mindful living or an abundance mindset, and you are willing to take a first step, you are in good hands. The real power is the power to be yourself and create the life you desire. If you settle for less than you believe you deserve, you will get exactly that.
So.. what it is that you want, really?

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Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things. – Oscar de la Renta