“If you’re not growing, you’re dying” | Tony Robbins


GRAND CRU – French for great growth / best growth. The term Grand Cru refers to the official classification of the quality of wines or particular terroir of the vineyard in which the grapes grow. 

It designates the highest quality products, those of a superior grade, that come together with finest reputation, top-level price and all-five-senses luxury wine experience. Grand Cru indicates the highest echelon of wines produced within the area of the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée).

What makes Grand Cru great

In wine, the right soil, type of a climate (the amount of sun, heat, and rainfalls), the altitude at which the vines grow, the aspect of the slope and the right grape variety create a synergy recognized as a Cru. Because of this unique combination, during the winegrowing process, the grapes develop their perfect ripeness, the balance between the sugar and the acidity and flavors characteristic for this exceptional terroir.

Further on, in the winemaking process, the yeasts are added to the grape juice in order to control the fermentation. Then, the wine is pumped over to the oak barrels, in which it stays for a particular amount of time (depending on the area and the style of wine made; it can be from three to twenty four months), to be then bottled and left for aging. In the production of the best Crus, each stage of the winemaking and winegrowing process is carefully supervised. People involved in its production present the best skills in their field.

In coaching, the Growth synergy is established by the combination of unique characteristics of a coach, and the willingness to transform of a coachee.

Great coach supports others in their growth without interfering with the personality of the person. There is no need to neither fix nor change anyone to who they ‘should’ be. Au contraire; great coaches see the potential and make their clients realize what’s possible; they encourage to find new perspectives and help to see through the limiting beliefs, emotional patterns and ‘auto-pilot’ behaviors, that stand on the way of living the quality life. 

Grand Cru Coaching

Nowadays, most people live in a ‘doing’ mode, at pace of immediacy, and want to see results straight away. The technological world taught our society that we click and we get, and there’s usually a freebie that comes along too.

So many people mistakenly think one meditation, one exercise, one breakthrough will change their life forever. Notwithstanding, growth is not a revolution; it is not a light switch. Great growth doesn’t happen overnight. 

Great growth is constant. It takes time and requires effort of getting deep within, peeling off layer after layer and transforming into the best version of oneself.

This is how I pursue Great Growth myself. This is what Grand Cru Coaching is all about.

I assist my clients in their personal development by providing guidance in finding their true essence. I support them in uncovering their deepest needs and desires. I guide them in creating SMART goals, as well as putting together an action plan so that accomplishment of these goals is not only possible, but also achievable. 

I’m deeply excited and privileged to have this opportunity to share with you the best of what I’ve learned as well as to learn from each of you in the process. Because life is a constant journey of learning from one another, making choices and facing the consequences of those choices, succeeding and celebrating, falling down and getting back up again.

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Grand Cru Retreat

I strongly believe in a full immersion as the best way to grow more efficiently and get results faster. Having a coach, being a member of a mastermind group, reading inspirational books and participating in virtual seminars is – by all means – the best energy boost you can get on a daily basis during your work with your own self.  However, the Great Growth that you can accomplish during a live retreat is incomparable to any other self-help kind of experience.

Grand Cru Retreat is my life- changing event that brings together a small group of extraordinary achievers from all around the world with a burning desire to transform their personal and business lives.

Personally led by me, alongside my team of exceptional trainers, Grand Cru Retreat is a five days retreat that takes place several times a year in prestigious chateaux in a beautiful wine region of Bordeaux. 

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The Awakening Series

Since I was a little girl I used creativity to connect with the world around me. Telling stories, creating art, taking photographs and designing the spaces or fashion were my ways of expressing my own self. This was also my idea to awake emotions in others and make them feel better about themselves and the world around them. I always liked to play with forms, styles, techniques and structures and mix them all together, as I adore experiencing the synergy of the senses. 

Creative approach to the world has been an unbreakable part of my existence, even if for most of my adult life I kept it secret from others; almost entirely to avoid exposing my vulnerability and the need to protect myself from judgment, criticism and hurt. And although I wanted to suppress this desire of creation, it broke loose and I finally accepted it as part of my own being. 

The Awakening Series is a collection of short stories, shared with intention to inspire, motivate, unleash the beauty of the human spirit and reveal the magic of the daily life. I believe that stories, especially those inspired by real life, are very powerful tools to teach values, show human’s potential, and open mind for different perspectives.

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The Wine Lady and the journey to Grand Cru Experience

My name is Ela. I created the woman I am today.

It’s me, but I shaped me to be the woman I am proud to be. I have the courage, the push through, discipline and determination to challenge myself in order to become my best and truest self. Those aren’t muscles I was born with; I developed those muscles and I train them daily. It is a never-ending journey of improvement, and I enjoy every step I take in this process.

My coaching program is the result of my own journey. I didn’t always know how to be a great partner for my significant other, how to feel save and powerful in my feminine, and how to respect and feel comfortable around the masculine men. I didn’t always have a clear vision on what I really wanted in life, how to go after my dreams and follow my purpose, or turn my passions into a business and use my talents and gifts to empower others and help them create the life they want and deserve. 

I became obsessed with my own growth. I started to search for tools and techniques that could help me transform my limiting beliefs into empowering ones, so that I could shift each and every area of my life and finally create the life I believed I deserved. I was curious and willing to work hard with regard to shaping my own fulfillment and designing my own happiness. I wanted to experience life in a Grand Cru way, every day.

Some of the parts of this journey presented me with the pleasant teachings, and I have had an honor to learn from extraordinary people, who already have been living the life I always dreamed of. However, most of my journey was filled with difficult situations, toxic relations and near-death experiences that broke me, that put me on my knees and forced me to fight back in order to survive. Now I know that I needed to be broken so that I could rise back up again, stronger and wiser. 

I have enjoyed twenty years, so far, of that discovery and daily rituals of self-development, going through the ups and downs, becoming successful as well as leading myself to failures, which oftentimes in the end turned into opportunities to celebrate even more successes. 

The key was to be curious, never give up, learn to make better choices for my own self and keep going, no matter what’s happening around me. An insecure big girl that had to fight for herself turned into a confident grown up woman, and no matter what life throws at me, I’ll walk through it with grace and a smile on my face. I let myself dream big despite all the ‘nay-sayers’ and ‘you-are-not-gonna-make-it-believers’, and I still expand my vision and dream beyond the bounds of possibility. When others tell me “you can’t”, I hear “you can”; when they tell me “it is impossible”, I hear “it is possible”. 

One blessed day I have discovered the principle of surroundings and the law of attraction; I stopped accepting the disrespectful and the bad, and I have went through the difficult lesson of letting go of toxic people, who – at the time – were people I spent most time with, my friends and coworkers. 

It was a very lonely time of my life; but I knew all that pain, fear and hurt were serving the greater purpose. They now are part of my comeback story.

However, the life-changing moment for me was when I discovered who I truly am in my core, which values I live by, what I believe in and when I fully opened to love. It helped me tremendously in making a decision to say ‘no’ to all the good, because I believed I was worth the outstanding and great. This is one of biggest principles of my daily lifestyle; I know what I want and what I am worth of, therefore I accept nothing less than that.

I believe in love and kindness more than ever, and I know that everything is possible. I create my life, and I live my life on my own terms. Unstoppable, unshakable, unbreakable, powerful and ‘always shining bright’ are all my middle names.

For around a decade I have been supporting others in their journey of personal leadership and discovering their true selves and their true calling. It was my ‘spare-time occupation’, as I didn’t really consider turning it into a full-time business, at least at the start.

For the last ten years my main activity was working in wine industry, where my passion to wine was going through its highest highs. And even then, while loving what I do and living my dream life, the thoughts of creating a ‘helping’ business were coming back to me regularly. I believe that’s why I started my summer retreats in the beautiful area of the wine region of Bordeaux, where I live. With small private groups of people from all around the world, I shared not only how to live with (wine) passion and the beauty of French Art de Vivre, but also had a chance to contribute to their mindset shift by seeing their potential and make them realise what’s possible for them.

In July 2020, in the midst of the pandemic of covid-19, I lost my office job. With no tourists coming to France, there was no chance to continue my summer wine retreats either. And although for many it might seem like a tragedy, especially considering the economic situation the world was in, I was celebrating freedom from the 9-5 job and I happily started to manifest new opportunities. I deeply believe The Universe has my back, and it was Its way to open the doors for me so that I can finally do what I love and am passionate about: helping others to rediscover themselves, reshaping their lives and creating their own heaven here on earth. 

This is how Grand Cru Experience came to life. 

Experiencing Great Growth in life is my lifestyle, and now I am honored to share it with others and support them in their own journey of self-discovery through my Grand Cru Coaching. I have obtained the accredited Professional Life Coach certification from Transformation Academy and I am about to sit the NLP and EFT certification courses in the upcoming months in order to provide wider spectrum of services to my clients. 

Are you ready to take your life in your hands and transform it so that you and your family can live the life you always wanted? Are you ready to discover what stops you from living the life you have always dreamed of? Are you ready to take your first step into a better and more fulfilling life? If you’re all in to start your transformation journey, click below and choose the best date for us to meet.

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May you live your life in a Grand Cru way. May your heart be happy. May you have many reasons to smile.

With Love ❤️