Il semble que la perfection soit atteinte non quand il n’y a plus rien à ajouter, mais quand il n’y a plus rien à retrancher.  | Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – Terre Des Homes, 1938

~Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add but when there is no longer anything to take away~

I believe we are infinite souls having a human experience here on Earth. I believe we are pure Love – each of us is lovable, loving and deserving of love. I believe that the innocence, the unconditional acceptance, the excellence and the beauty of anything and everything within and around us enriches this life so that we can enjoy its essence to the fullest.

This is a journey without destination. There’s no time limit as we do not know how long of this exploration we have left, and so we can deliberately choose to live in the present moment. By taking one step at a time in trust and faith we move forward in life, we grow in a multidimensional way and we enjoy greatly every part of this adventure. I believe we are creative beings and our purpose is to express the greatness of our soul in the most delightful way we can. In order to do that, however, we must first come back to our purest form.

Chasing perfection

Many of us live the life in a ‘more, faster, better’ way. We participate in a race for more – more material things, more success, and more recognition thinking these will fill the void of unworthiness and add value to who we perceive ourselves to be. We create systems to reach the destinations and achieve the goals faster, mistaking the instant gratification with overall fulfilment. We want everything to be better, as we have difficulties accepting and appreciating the Here and Now and we think ‘only if I could have a better partner / job / body / (fill in the blank) my life would be better and more enjoyable’.

 More, faster, better.. chasing perfection that doesn’t exist; believing it’s the only way to our happiness. By itself, instant gratification is not a bad thing. Desire for more doesn’t harm anyone. Having a better quality of life does bring more joy and contributes to a happier life. It’s the intention and the ’why’, however, that makes a difference. We can either want more material things or a better car in order to appear as a more valuable person and distract ourselves from feeling bad, or we can feel valuable and worthy within ourselves and attract more material things and that new car to simply enjoy them, without having to prove our worth or impress anyone.

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Slow down and look within.

We are already perfect. Happiness is an inside game. We can walk much further if we enjoy each step of the journey, than if we finish at the end line getting a trophy for reaching the destination. When we look within and discover what we really want, we give ourselves permission to abandon the hard work and the struggles of surviving another day of a life we don’t even like. We give ourselves the right to just be happy, appreciate What Is and feel good about ourselves the way we are.

When we slow down and look within we notice that all we need is already there, under all those layers of conditioning, ideas of what is right and wrong, opinions and paradigms we have been taught. Under all those layers there is our Soul; the ‘Real Me’. In order to get to our Soul, we must unlearn.

Trust Your Soul

Understanding that we must unlearn what we have been taught is the first step on a journey to liberation and true happiness. It doesn’t mean we must list all the wrongdoings that have been done to us and analyse them, it doesn’t mean we look for someone to blame, and it doesn’t mean we have to work hard to heal. There are no rights or wrongs, there’s no deadline and no particular order of what to do first.

So how do we know, one might ask? The Soul knows.

The moment we trust ourselves and allow Our Soul to shine through us, everything that needs to be healed comes to the surface, ready to be released. We recognize suppressed emotions which are still stuck in our body, the ideas that were engraved in our minds, the beliefs of having to deserve love and protect the heart by shutting it down. Once exposed, the layers start to peel of slowly, one after another, when we are ready to let them go. Each time we let go, each time we take away what doesn’t serve us we get closer to who we really are and we give freedom to our Soul.

Creative Expression

I believe that when we live at peace with ourselves and when we are united with our Soul, it shines through our body magnifying the human experience, which gives us the opportunity to expand even further.

I believe that the Soul connects with our physical reality through creative expression and natural beauty. That’s why we hold our breath when we watch the sunset. That’s why we stare at a beautiful painting or a sculpture. That’s why we are touched by the music and when we close our eyes, it takes us in and we start dancing.

The beauty in any form sets us free.

Creative expression can take any form of beauty and art which allows us to express our own Soul – either through words, photography, paintings and drawings, music, dance, mindfulness, visualisation, the energy we radiate and how it inspires others, and so many more. It’s the energy that comes out and takes a form of something special, something that touches other souls – those that are ready to be called.

The Soul Space is my personal space to share my gifts through artistic expression, such as inspirational short stories, screen plays (court-métrage), photography, paintings and drawings. These are some of the ways I use to express myself. That is my way to inspire others to stop for a moment and just be, to take in whatever they are ready to receive. With each layer that I take away, there comes a bigger need for beauty, for art, for creative expression. I am honoured to receive all the drawings, poems, stories and other creative forms from my clients, I am honoured to see them expand and create the life they desire. In the future I would love it to be a space where I share my client’s Creative Expressions too, especially those which were inspired by me and influenced by my guidance.

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It’s the attitude towards life that makes the difference. It’s the understanding of the laws of the Universe that makes the difference. It’s the letting go of control and accepting the flow of life that make the difference. It’s the trust and faith and empowering beliefs that make the difference.

It is you who is in control of making that difference for yourself. I am here to guide you and share with you the techniques and tools that will make that difference work in your favour.

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